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This project will be a year-long endeavor to engage young adults who are in different phases of the emerging adulthood life stage.


What We Do

We help students and young adults navigate the journey​ to adulthood more successfully.

Our proven approach will help you gain..

Social & Emotional Growth

Personal Financial Growth

Career & Professional Growth

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The CornerStone Adulting Leadership Program

Congrats to our 1st Cohort of Legacy Leaders

The CornerStone Adulting Leadership Program is accepting applications for an immersive program focused on providing participants with the skills and knowledge that will support their development in college and beyond.




Adulting: Financial Edition

“With the knowledge gained from attending the Adulting: Financial Edition workshop, I was able to negotiate a lower credit card interest rate and received a zero % rate going forward for one year!”


Adulting Investing Edition & Emerging Adulthood Forum

"After attending sessions with Cornerstone Enterprises I gained essential knowledge in understanding my current financial footprint and the steps needed to stride into financial independency. As an emerging adult its exciting to know that an organization like Cornerstone exists during this time.“ 


Adulting: Financial Edition & Career Edition

“Since attending the classes I have not only learned how to become financially stable, but I am financially stable. I have moved into an apartment, started a brokerage account, found a job in my career field and am on my way to purchasing a new car. Truly wouldn’t be where I am today without the support Cornerstone has offered.”



Our Program Sponsors

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