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Adulting: Breaking the Cycle of Anxiety

Are you tired of fear and anxiety holding you back from achieving your goals, and you want to break the cycle? Then this is for you!

In this discussion, you will have the rare opportunity to hear from two exceptional mental health professionals. They will share their knowledge, expertise, and some of the essential tools that will help you deal with anxiety.

Topics covered will include:

1) Defining & Understanding Anxiety, 2)Knowing How To Identify Triggers & Healthy Ways to Cope 3) Finding Treatment Options, Support, & Other Resources 

Casondra M. Foster is a clinical licensed therapist who is also the owner of Ascend Counseling & Wellness. With over a decade of experience in community mental health, Casondra is a strong advocate for relationship building and the importance of trauma-informed care. She has an extensive background as a leader and demonstrates a person centered focus in providing care and delivering therapeutic services. Casondra spends her time working within her practice, providing therapy services, and partnering with other organizations throughout the community in an effort to enrich the lives of others.

Steffon Staley is owner and licensed psychotherapist at New Steps Behavioral Health. His career spans twenty years of multifaceted experience in community mental health, private practice, school counseling, prison counseling, youth development, higher education, non-profit management, college access, psychiatric residential treatment, and board management. Steffon currently provides psychological services to children, adolescents, adults, families, and couples in the Kansas City metropolitan area. For 10 years, Steffon has worked in partnership with organizations such as Kauffman Scholars, Inc., Boys and Girls Club of Greater Kansas City, St. Luke’s Children’s Psychiatric Hospital, and several others throughout Kansas City. 


JCCC EdTalks

Are you a parent wanting to understand how to navigate the emerging adulthood years? Then this webinar is for you. 

According to psychologists, the years following late adolescence until becoming an adult is called the "Emerging Adulthood" life stage". These years may be incredibly challenging for both the "Emerging Adult” and their parents. 

Parents will be given real-world examples of what to expect during the emerging adulthood years, learn about the common pitfalls that hinder personal development & psychological maturity, and how to handle the conflict in the relationship that comes with the shift in roles from parent-child to parent-adult. 

Pre-Recording Password: ADULT

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