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Community plays an important role in building social-emotional skills particularly during the emerging adulthood life stage. Therefore, we are launching a series of events intended to create a safe space for emerging adults to belong, be supported and accountable, in achieving their life goals.

Healthy Living Community

This community is all about ensuring that you are building healthy habits for growing your mind, body, and spirit. 

List of Events:

Power of Your Thoughts - Monthly Series

Understanding Childhood Trauma - Group Therapy Workshops

Cambridge Classic 5K Cambridge, MA - Running Club

Heartland Heat (Sprint) Triathlon Kansas City, MO - Running Club

Financial Legacy Club

Achieving life-long financial success doesn't just happen, it requires behavioral changes that must be developed over time. This club is all about providing access to financial knowledge and accountability that will help you gain financial success.

List of Events:

Building a Financial Mindset - Monthly Series

Financial Boot Camp - 3-Part Series

Tips to Establish an Estate Plan - Training Workshop

Preparing for Homeownership - Training Workshop

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